First Night in the New House Review


Here’s a quick review for some quick horror! You know that creepy feeling you get when you move to a completely new place for the first time? New people, new town, everything is alien. First Night capitalizes on that sense of unease, focusing on a family who, you’ll never guess, spends their first night in their new home. Although the picture only lasts for a quick five minutes, it is notably well directed and leaves you wanting more by the time the credits roll. 

Since we are given no time for characters or real plot of any kind, most of this grade comes down to the spooky atmosphere that the direction gives. On that front it succeeds with some spooky lighting and subtly effective sound design. The background tones give off an ambient vibe that piles on the creeps especially at the finale. Apparently this is a small preview of a larger film that will possibly come so fingers crossed that we get to see more of this direction in the larger cut. Until then all we can grade is this little snippet, so for its awesome direction and potential RDR gives this a 7 out of 10.

You can watch it for yourself here!


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