Why’s it Classic?: Alien

Alien (1979)

Directed by Ridley Scott

Starring Sigourney WeaverTom SkerritJohn Hurt

By Courtney Adkisson

Over generations of film and cinema there are various “classic” films within history. The idea of a classic film is the genre that is universal or worldwide and has maybe changed the views of the film industry and/or the audience. They are meant to be iconic stories that leave an impact on the audience. Classic films can be of any genre as well but it is mainly a powerful, well-known story that literally lasts through decades because of the contents. Sometimes the reason it is so famous as a “classic” film is because they were considered ahead of its time like in 2001: Space Odyssey. However, I watched an even more intensive sci-fi genre film that will probably live even past this generation.

The famous sci-fi film, Alien, which was a huge horror movie in 1979, would probably be considered a classic film for many reasons. It was one of those movies that everyone was terrified of and it just created a new world of how to create space-related movies in future generations. It is one of the most famous movies in history for its time. Director Ridley Scott after this film also became very well known for Alien as well. The impact of the horror and suspense of this sci-fi survival story sticks with audience the very first time they see the film. The way it was written is gripping for the crew has to basically escape and survive this creature after finding this mysterious planet. The artwork to make the film was also extraordinary. Everyone remembers what the crazy space creature looked like, automatically thinking of the Alien movie. To have that impact on a viewer is the biggest thing about a classic film that makes it rather memorable.  It was before the times of computer graphics where they physically drew out and built everything for props, the atmospheric settings of the ship and even the creature.

It will continue to be one of those movies that you are so happy you are never in the situation as the crew on that ship. Also people go back to how Alien was made and really grip onto the suspense, the horror and the unbelievable creation of the artwork to make it all seem so real. If you have seen the film, it really is one of those picks that you cannot leave out of the industry without realizing that it made a huge impact on the in its own genre and the entertainment world. It is probably well known as one of the “must-see” movies that you have to see within someone’s lifetime.


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